Destinations by Month – Come visit!

After having a couple of friends and family members asking where I will be traveling during my journey and if they could meet up, I decided to dedicate a post of where I will be and around the time I will be there. Please let me know if you would like to join me at any destination and I would be happy to plan my travels around you. I would absolutely LOVE if I could see my friends and family during each leg of this journey, it would make my time that much more special. Please note that this schedule is fluid and subject to change but if you book a flight to visit, know I will be there at the airport waiting for you!

Please remember that you may need a visitors visa or designated shots, once you book the flight, we can discuss this further.


Mid – December: Cairns, Australia (Next to the Great Barrier Reef!)

Late December: Sydney and the Gold Coast (Sydney was not originally in the plans but after talking to several people it seems like this city is a MUST)


Early January: Bali, Indonesia

Mid January: Bangkok, Koh Tao and Phuket, Thailand

Late January: Angkor Wat, Cambodia and Saigon & Hanoi, Vietnam


Early February: Laos

Mid February: Chang Mai, Thailand

Late February: India


Early March: New Delhi, India

Mid March/Late March: Dubai and Egypt


Early April: Tanzania (Around 15 days here)

*Possibility to add Madagascar into the mix, will see how much time I have

Late April: Cape Town, South Africa


Early May: Marrakesh, Morocco

Mid May: Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

Late May (Around Memorial Day Weekend): Greece


Most of June: Hopping around the different Islands of Greece and exploring Athens


Early July: Croatia

Mid July: Budapest, Hungary

Late July: Prague, Czech Republic


Early August: Brussels, Belgium

Mid-Late August: Amsterdam, Netherlands

September – December: If I continue my journey after Labor Day weekend, I will most likely end up in South America for the last couple of months

Excited to see some of you abroad, please reach out via text message or e-mail if you would like to plan something with me!!



3 thoughts on “Destinations by Month – Come visit!

    1. I will not be posting daily but will try to keep updating this blog on a weekly basis depending on accessibility to wifi. Will be posting about Cairns, the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef either tomorrow or the next day! Stay tuned!


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