Packing for a Year

After reading many blogs for packing ideas, I was able to consolidate everything I needed into my 70L Osprey Farpoint backpack. Yes, you read that right, I only have one backpack for the entirety of my trip. Luckily, most of the climates will be the same which really helped me out. For the colder countries, I plan to rent the clothes that I need. I tried to leave some room to pick up new clothes along the way and will dispose of some of my old clothes. I also plan to pick up keepsakes from each country that I visit that I will ship back to my house in the states.

The photo above included everything that was laid out before packing all the items into my Eagle Creek packing cubes and neatly into my backpack. This made it way easier for me to organize everything on the road!

Packing List:

4 Tank Tops

4 T-shirts 

3 pairs of shorts 

1 pair of gym pants 

1 pair of jeans

2 long sleeve shirts

1 light sweater

3 bathing suits 

1 fleece pullover – Good for cold transportation and moderate temperatures.

1 North face rain jacket – tends to rain a lot in most of these areas and during early morning hikes

1 down jacket, easy to fold up and warm to wear

1 pair of gloves

2 bras

7 pairs of socks 

12 pairs of underwear 

2 cute dresses

1 pair of sneakers

1 pair of flip flops for showers, beaches, etc

1 pair of water shoes

1 pair of cute sandals to go out in


Shampoo and conditioner

Toothpaste and toothbrush

Sunscreen – heard this is a MUST in Australia

Bug repellant

Bar soap


Anti-itch creme


Hair ties



Feminine products

Miracle 10 hair products

Mini Straightener & Hair Dryer


128 Malaria Pills

Anti-Diarrhea Medicine (who know’s what Thai street food will give you!)

3 Z-Packs

Band Aids

LOTS of Advil PM

Yellow Book of signatures for mandatory shots received in the US


Laptop and 1 TB external hard drive

Panasonic DMC-ZS40 Camera and backup battery

GoPro camera, accessories and backup memory card

Several camera memory cards

Kindle with Kindle Unlimited purchased for a year (Free books!!)


1 external charger

1 charging adapter

All applicable chargers and cords



Microfiber Travel Towel or what I call a Sham-WOW

Hostel Bed Liner

Headlamp for hikes

52 page Passport

Passport sized photos – Often needed for visas.

Eye Mask (Thanks Trish!) and ear plugs

TSA approved locks for your bags and hostel lockers

Travel insurance

ATM and credit card


All of that fit into this:

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 11.18.07 AM.png

Talk soon,


2 thoughts on “Packing for a Year

  1. Ok, enough is enough…. come home!!
    Seriously though, we are sad to say farewell for a bit but so excited for you! Have fun and be safe. Make sure to check in on FACE TIME asap. You’re a rock star Ana!


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