Friends in Frankfurt

Ever since I left my new friend Vivi in Vietnam, we had been in constant communication and planned that while I was in Germany that I would stay with her for a couple nights. She lives in a small town outside of Frankfurt called Wiesbaden which many American’s have probably heard of since there is a huge Army base there. As soon as I arrived, Vivi and her fiancé were waiting for me and gave me the biggest hug I’ve had since I left her in Vietnam! Vivi was so excited that I had finally made it to her hometown that she organized a BBQ for me to meet all her friends and some family members the following day. The first day in Wiesbaden, we went grocery shopping for the BBQ and got the house ready to entertain 20+ people!!

That evening we all sat down and talked about our travels and the rest of Vivi’s travels as well as how Dustin proposed to her in Thailand. It was the sweetest conversation and made my heart so happy to hear about their high school sweetheart romance.

The next morning, Vivi and Dustin made a terrific breakfast before we headed out to explore Wiesbaden. That day we went to a park that overlooked Wiesbaden, went to Vivi’s old workplace which was the City Hall in town and explored Biebricher Schlosspark. It was an awesome morning walking around with Vivi and Dustin to admire their home town. Wiesbaden is absolutely beautiful and everything was a 10-15 minute drive away which was very convenient.

Since we had to entertain 20 of Vivi and Dustin’s closest friends and family that evening we decided to head back early to start preparing for the BBQ. Vivi and I made Red Velvet cupcakes (Vivi’s friend Rikka surprised me by bringing these back from the states, apparently Germany does not have any Red Velvet Cakes!!) while Dustin got the grill fired up and cleaned up the porch. Everyone brought some drinks and some food to get the BBQ started. This entire evening with Vivi’s friends and some family members was one of my favorite days during my journey so far. It was amazing to talk about the differences between our countries, tell her friends some memories that we made in SE Asia and get to know everyone. I loved the fact that Vivi also bought red solo cups because “that’s what American use to drink from”. We decided to end our evening with the girls going out to a 90’s themed dance in Wiesbaden while the guys relaxed at home. This was definitely one of the best nights I’ve had in a while.


The next day, since it was gorgeous outside we spent it at the lake relaxing and catching up. The lake was perfect to catch some rays of sun as well as swim around. That evening, Vivi and Dustin drove to Frankfurt to show me around the city (fun fact – Frankfurt is best known as the business and finance capital in Germany). Frankfurt’s vibe was different from Munich but I really enjoyed the business-first aspect of the city as well as the skyscrapers (I’m a NYC gal anyways who needs a good skyline to admire).

The next day, a couple of Vivi’s friends and I went to the community pool to enjoy the summer weather and get to know each other more. This extended weekend with Vivi and her friends could not have been better, I felt so much love and joy being with her and meeting everyone who is so close to her. Unfortunately, the weekend came to a close and I headed up to Cologne with Vivi’s friend Antonia for the next couple days before I headed to Amsterdam. I cannot wait to get back to Frankfurt for Vivi’s wedding next year and be reunited with all her friends and family for one of the most special days of her life! See you all soon!!

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